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Cab Removed! Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 1976 Chevy C10 Part 3

One of the biggest emerging automotive video types on YouTube these days would be that of rebuilding crunched cars. It’s pretty neat watching see just how these vehicles come back together. As viewers, we can’t help but wonder if the juice is worth the squeeze. Is taking a wrecked high dollar automobile and fixing it something that makes sense financially? Sure, these vehicles could be had for pennies on the dollar. However, when push comes to shove, the vehicle is still going to have a salvage title. In turn, it’s also going to probably cost a pretty penny to purchase the parts to fix it. All of that comes with the assumption that the person behind it all has the knowhow to be able to assemble everything themselves.

As we have seen, though, sometimes the process very much is worth it. This is all going to depend on the vehicle itself and the extent of the damage. This time, it seems as if fate has played in the favor of a Chevrolet C10 that we saw come together on Gas Monkey Garage. After a front end collision, the truck was in need of a little bit of tender loving care. However, with one ready and willing YouTuber, the Chevy would be tackled with a full head of steam.

In the last video that we saw from this series, the damage was analyzed from the outside. This time, we get to watch as the 1976 C10 is taken apart to really start to get into the plan of action. When the truck is finally disassembled, all of the parts start to fall into place.

It will be interesting to see just how much of the original vehicle is able to be reused in the second rendition. We see a lot of these projects attempting to take on wrecked vehicles. However, we are especially interested to see how this one is coming back to life.