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New “GMC Syclone” Rips Epic AWD Burnout, Goes Drag Racing!

These days, when talking about the GMC Syclone, it’s a platform that most enthusiasts seem to appreciate. We look back with some sort of nostalgia as we reminisce over what the truck was at the time. In fact, the turbocharged V6 application might’ve even been a little bit ahead of its time. However, that still couldn’t save the performance pickup truck. It eventually met its demise after just a couple of years.

In fact, the performance pickup truck market is something that General Motors appears to have strayed away from entirely. Sure, they did produce the Silverado SS for a while. However, the truck never really gained too much popularity. In fact, it didn’t really seem like a very valiant effort from the General. Instead, they kind of just slapped some parts that they had laying around on a Silverado and called it a day.

Because of that, folks who want to own a General Motors pickup truck and have a performance application are left to their own resources. While the Chevrolet pickup architecture doesn’t exactly scream “performance” to most, there are some solid bones there. There is a whole host of aftermarket support for the rides. It also helps that under the hood, we find some of the same lineage that is found under the hood of Corvettes of the same year.

This time, we check out one rather unique rendition of a General Motors pick up truck. The base truck came in the form of a GMC Sierra. In order to spice things up a little bit, the folks over at Strictly Performance Motorsports decided that a turbocharger was the way to go. Of course, other supporting mods were stirred into the pot to make the truck both powerful and reliable.

When all was said and done, they decided that adding a little bit of Syclone flair could turn this truck into a tribute. Essentially, what we end up with is what the Syclone could be if it were reborn today. By following along with the video below, we get to see this truck not only drag racing but also doing a whole host of other fun activities. This includes but isn’t limited to being chained to a pole and doing an AWD burnout! – BigKleib34

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