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Big Chief & Jackie get Caddy Jack finished and decide to take for it’s very first street drive! This thing looks and sounds badass! After Jackie lost her father her and Justin had taken a break from social media. They are now back and the fans arebeyond excited to see them back on platform. Here is what some of the fans said in the comments:

“I wasn’t expecting todays video to hit me right in the feels. Justin putting life in perspective, never know when it’s your time or when next season won’t come.”

“I didn’t know anything about Jackies dad until this video.

Chassis up in the driveway with a pile of tools gets a lot of respect from me, omg that is so much work to be doing like that.
He sure sounds like he was a determined man and no one was going to stop him.”

“Jackie, so sorry for your loss. Seeing you in that car taking out for a cruise is probably some of the best medicine you could ever have. Your dad would have the biggest smile on his face.”

“We love you guys. Our thoughts and our prayers go out to Jackie. I know how hard it can be just never let yourself forget that fathers legacy lives on through you. Every time you put a car on the trailer and them packing. Look up at that bright shining star that beacon of light and say that one’s for you dad. We thank you for taking the time make this video. Much love”

“My condolences to Jackie, Justin, and all of the family and friends. I’m truly sorry for your loss😔.
I’m glad she’s doing something to make her smile again and he’s riding with you on that first test drive, every pass, and every drive from now on.
R.I.H John Braasch your amazing legacy and passion will live on forever in all of our hearts and memories. You will be missed by all.”

“Very nice tribute to Jackie’s dad Chief. It was very moving. Jackie, my heart goes out to you. I too lost my dad a few years ago and we shared a great love of cars. I built him Jeeps, and a convertible. I am currently building a Buick convertible in his honor to enjoy with my family. I promise, the day will come that when you think of your dad, it will put a smile on your face and make you happy thinking of the time you spent with him. It took a while for me but now it does every time without fail. When I finish his car it will be the nicest ‘72 Buick LeSabre convertible in the Northeast. My sincerest condolences for your loss.”