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California Wildfire Hero’s New Tundra Given “Burned” Look by Aftermarket Companies

Toward the end of last year, California had seen a monumental wildfire. This fire was so big that it took out countless neighborhoods and even claimed 85 human lives. It wasn’t exactly something that everybody was running from, though. While most would seek refuge in the area that wasn’t affected by the flames, some went back into the fire to help.

One name that made its rounds after the fire was “Allyn Pierce” and for good reason. You might remember him as the guy who sacrificed his Toyota Tundra while putting his own life in danger. Allyn went back to attempt to rescue those stranded. It was during this time that he would get blocked in and his truck would begin to melt. As he sat and waited in the gridlock created by vehicles trying to get out, all he could do was hope for the best. Luckily, a bulldozer would remove the trees in the way that were causing this gridlock.

This would allow Allyn to make his way to safety. Unfortunately, though, his Toyota didn’t exactly make it out in one piece. Instead, a post would go viral highlighting all that happened to the truck involved in the rescue effort. On the other end of the unfortunate event, though, Toyota would eventually step in to reward his efforts with a new truck.

This year, it turns out that some more folks at Rockstar Garage are stepping in to help modify “The Pandra” a little bit. Their partners are getting in on the overhaul as well. This includes an ode to the way that the truck saved his life.

Down In the video below, we get to see just a part of the conversion that has taken the stock Toyota to something awesome. Included is a full bed liner custom paint job. This also shows off of replica of the burn marks left behind on the original Tundra amongst a slew of other modifications.

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