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Camaro Power Wheels Go-Cart Gets an Air Suspension

For those who have been paying attention, we have noticed one interesting corner of the world that has really taken off in popularity. Modifying children’s toys in Power Wheels is a market that has really emerged over the last year or so. Most of the time, it’s not all that serious. Folks will pick up different aftermarket parts like metal gear sets and more powerful batteries in order to make the toys a little more enjoyable for their kids. However, if we asked the guys over at the Grind Hard Plumbing Company YouTube channel, they would probably tell us that their Power Wheels are fun for adults, too.

For those who still aren’t following what we’re putting down, let’s just say that these guys are really going over the top with the Power Wheels modification. Not only have they wedged different engines in these things. They have also hooked them up with a whole plethora of aftermarket modifications. This can include subframes, suspensions, and more. This time, we get to see a little bit of suspension magic happen to their Chevrolet Camaro go-cart. Instead of riding around on a solid frame, this time, the Camaro is getting a little bit of love via air suspension.

By following along with the video below, we get to see the footage that is almost too wild to be true. If we hadn’t heard of these guys, we would almost think that someone was kidding if they told us about this sort of modification to a toy like this.

After seeing this project laid out in front of us, we can’t help but wonder where exactly crazy modifications are going to end. Hopefully, they never do! As these guys get more creative, our attention is more and more entranced in the builds that they have going on.