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In-Camera Cockpit Shows Wild Recovery From Airplane Spiraling Toward the Earth

In-Camera Cockpit Shows Wild Recovery From Airplane Spiraling Toward the Earth

If there is one thing that no pilot ever wants to come face-to-face with, it’s a plane spiraling toward the ground. Naturally, when you’re not in control and the airplane that you’re in is heading toward the ground, it spells out a bad time. Therefore, we wouldn’t think that this would be a situation that too many people would willingly put themselves in.

However, on the other hand, how would a pilot know how to handle such a situation if they aren’t put into the said situation? Sure, they could use a simulator. However, being in a simulator and actually being in an airplane headed toward the ground are a little bit different. Just watching a video of the real deal happening almost gives us a little bit of anxiety ourselves. Being a part of it has to put a person in a whole new world.

This time, we get to ride along with a little bit of spin training. In a video posted by theChive, we ride along as the airplane goes into a spin and heads down toward planet earth. It’s a bit disorienting to watch as the machine seems to be spiraling faster and faster. We begin to panic a little bit when the trainee in question starts making all sorts of noises as he seems to struggle with a dose of vertigo. Can you really blame him, though?

By following along with the video below, we are immersed in the situation that hopefully, we’ll never be a part of. Watching this training exercise is nothing short of an absolute rush. We’re not sure how many folks would be willing to put themselves in a perfectly good airplane and send it toward the earth.

Watching from the side of the screen is pretty interesting, though. Would you be down to go spin training? – pilot_mick


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