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Camera Mounted Inside a Tire as it Drives is an Odd but Intriguing Perspective

If there’s one thing that none of us have ever wondered about, it’s how the inside of a tire looks while it’s being used. Unless someone works in the tire market, this likely isn’t a consideration that has been made. However, the bizarre idea is rather intriguing when presented to us.

As it just so happens, the Warped Perception YouTube channel specializes in the obscure and bizarre. We watch the channel come to life, delivering all sorts of different viewpoints that show off everyday interactions in a new way. They basically display what we already know but do it in a way that we’ve never seen before. One of our favorite examples of this was that see-through engine that allowed us to see the internals of the engine working.

This time, in a similar fashion, we explore the world of tires. Naturally, we have all seen a wide variety of tires at work and understand how they work. What we have never seen, though, is how a tire looks from the inside. Whether it’s in motion or being mounted, this is just a perspective that’s nearly impossible to get without the help of a small camera. Therefore, a good old-fashioned GoPro and light combination was broken out to test out a new viewpoint.

Down in the video below, the experimenter gets to work, mounting the camera inside of the tire of his Mercedes-Benz. Honestly, we really had absolutely no idea what to expect here. The end product ends up looking pretty neat, though. These are the kind videos that really get us thinking in a different way!

Now the only thing that we have to do is maybe try out some different tire types. Personally, as an outlet that features a lot of racing, we’re curious about the same video shot from the inside of a drag racing tire.


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