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Can a 700 HP Raptor R Outrun a 550 HP C6 Corvette?

As automotive enthusiasts, we can’t help but want to compare just about anything that has a set of wheels on it. For those who like to compete behind the wheel, this is the groundwork for all of racing. Is one combination better than the next? Can one driver out-duel another? The questions go on and on to build the framework for racing as we know it.

This time, the question brings about a comparison of platforms. In this one, we ask if a heavyweight truck came out-duel a lightweight car in a drag race. Naturally, the answer to that question is always a “yes” but the variable comes when we ask just how much power it would take to overcome the weight difference.

In a recent episode of Hoonigan’s “This or That,” we check in with the likes of a C6 Corvette Grand Sport. If you want to talk about sports cars that give you the best bang for the buck, this is pretty much where the buck stops.

In this particular instance, the tastefully modded Grand Sport, complete with a six speed manual, was slated to go up against a 2018 Ford Raptor with a twin turbo 5.2 L coyote set up. However, after the Raptor pulled up to the line with a vicious burnout, a window would form in the engine block, meaning that there had to be a replacement competitor.

In its place, we find something slightly less powerful but still pretty awesome. Therefore, below, we tune in as the 700 hp all-wheel-drive Ford Raptor R goes head to head with the slightly less powerful but also much lighter 6.2 L naturally aspirated Corvette.

Is the 150 hp difference thanks to a supercharged V8 enough to overcome 2700 pounds in weight difference? We find out the answer in the latest episode of This vs That.

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