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V12 Race Car Goes 244.9 MPH on Dirt in Flat Out Land Speed Record Attempt

It takes an incredible amount of talent to put together a machine that’s capable of nearly 250 mph and even more courage to get behind the wheel of such a machine. However, when it comes to the combination of Pete Aradema and Kevin Braun, that’s precisely the mission that they intended to carry out this week at the El Mirage Lakebed’s opening event for the 2023 racing season.

Equipped with their land speed machine fitted with a custom-made 6-liter V12 accompanied by driver, Cal Roth, the car would make its way down the racing surface for the first pass of the year and managed to set a blistering record in the process.

Previously, the combination managed a top speed of 228 mph. This time, though, with the help of an upgraded transmission and a few other fixes after several casualties last season, the first pass was good enough to set a new record and personal best. The naturally aspirated “C Engine class” Lakester vehicle managed an incredible 244.9 mph when it blasted through the traps on the big end of the track. We would say that’s an amazing turnaround to get the racing season started off properly.

Below, we watch the first land speed race record of the 2023 record set as this V12-powered monster screams down the track to the tune of 920 hp screaming at 10,000 RPM which is nothing short of an absolute spectacle for the eyes and ears alike.

When we ride along with the onboard camera below, one can practically feel the adrenaline building – just imagine being the one behind the wheel to accomplish such a goal. As if 244 mph wasn’t enough, next month, the car will run again with a 100 shot of nitrous on top which promises to be a formula for even more speed. It’ll be interesting to see just how far this ride can be pushed when the naturally aspirated monster receives a hit of nitrous.