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Can A Bad Gamer Beat A Professional Driver? Simulation vs Real Life

If you happen to be one of those people who likes to spend some time behind the sticks of a video game console controller, you know that there are some pretty serious games out there these days. With the right developers on board, certain video games have really started to look like real life and act like it too with physics machines that are really taking things to an all new level, making different games like driving games or sports games really come to life by re-creating cars and all their power as they slide through a corner or a football players gestures when they’re going up for that jump ball.

This time, we dive into a situation that tries to divide the difference between video games and reality. With the release of a game like Project Car 2, this time, we check out a pretty neat test as the host from Engineering Explained is put in a driving simulator to see just how close it will be to the McLaren 570s when this novice gamer gets to it in the game and in real life, side-by-side. It’s a pretty interesting comparison to see just how realistic a simulator like this can really be. It makes you wonder if they hit the nail on the head with the way that they design a game when comparing it to real-life.

Follow along with the video down below to see how this comparison goes and how the guy behind Engineering Explained panned out in the video game versus how things went for him in the real-life version. In turn, we get to see how all of these racetrack experiences, both simulated and real compared to how a race car driver makes his way around the track. Is there any way that this YouTube channel host is going to be able to make his way around the professional race car driver in a real or video game world? Well, there’s only one way to find out so you better get to watching this immersive comparison to see for yourself.