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Can a Dyno Tune Alone Add Power to a Bone Stock 20-Year-Old Car?

As performance addicts, we can’t help but wonder how exactly we can get every last ounce of horsepower out of our rides. At the end of the day, every bit of performance left on the table is a big waste, if you ask us. Therefore, we’re always looking for the most efficient way to put together a build to make sure we can take everything that’s on the table.

Sometimes, maybe extensive modification isn’t a road that you want to go down. In that case, some might wonder what they can manage to squeeze out of their factory stock car. We have all heard that, for one reason or another, whether it be emissions standards or marketing reasons, that some cars have a lot of horsepower left on the table.

Lucky for those of us who are in the know, we understand that a simple tune can be a good way to bring a car up to par and span the gap between what a platform has the potential to be and what the automotive manufacturer actually put on the dealership lot.

This time, we check in with a creator who goes by Four Eyes who has been taking a journey with a 20-year-old bone stock Dodge Viper. Now, from what we understand, this car is getting ready to undergo some modification. First, though, our host shows us a couple of neat tricks before getting the car to where he wants it to be.

In this particular video, we take a look at a dyno tuning session to see if the 20-year-old car can become more potent without modification.

After seeing just how much power the machine can pick up with a simple tune, its owner takes it out into the real world to see if the changes make any difference. After all, while some changes promise 10, 20, or maybe even 30 hp, what does that all really mean when you put your foot into the long, skinny pedal?

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