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Can a Harley be Turbocharged With a Leaf Blower?

For those looking to make a little bit of extra horsepower with their car or motorcycle, it doesn’t always come cheap. In fact, it can be rather easy to let things quickly spiral out of control. One moment, a particular build will be right in the budget. Before we know it, things end up in a place where we never expected them to be. When we throw forced induction into the equation with superchargers and turbochargers, this is especially true. Add it all up and we find ourselves in an industry worth nearly $300 billion annually.

In order to get around spending money, people have gone to some incredible lengths. Not only are there companies out there that try to knock off name brand products, there are also some individuals who really just take it to a new level in their money-saving tactics. There are tons of ways that we find tuners doing this on a regular basis.

This time, however, we check in with a method of attempting to make horsepower that is even unconventional for those who prefer to be unconventional. The individual in question known as Bikes and Beards has decided to take the force of the air coming out of a leaf blower and use it to boost his motorcycle. Could it be feasible to possibly think that a leaf blower could create enough pressure in order to turbocharge a motorcycle engine?

Obviously, something like this isn’t necessarily functional. It’s designed to see if it could actually be done or not. We can’t picture a Harley rolling down the road with a leaf blower strapped to it being something that anybody takes seriously no matter how much power it’s capable of. However, watching the twists and turns that allow this experiment to come to life are definitely pretty interesting.

While battery power is heading into the mainstream in terms of transportation, we don’t think that this is exactly what they’re talking about.


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