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Can Old Off-Road Technology Beat the New Tech?

Within different subsets of the automotive community, there are arguments that probably will never be laid to rest. One perfect example of something like this is whether or not old technology can compete with new technology. Believe it or not, there are definitely two schools of thought on this matter as folks will find themselves split down the middle.

For example, on one hand, you’ll find the camp that thinks that the electronics put in place on newer trucks are incredibly helpful in an off-road adventure. However, on the other hand, there are people who like to think that the tried-and-true is the way to go. These folks tend to think that old school off-road aftermarket components will do the job just as good if not better and more reliably.

In this one, the guys over at The Fast Lane Truck set out with a pair of Chevrolet pickup trucks to put the theory to the test. In one corner, we have a 1985 Chevrolet K10 with all sorts of off-road goodies and a carbureted v8 sitting on 35-inch tall tires. It certainly was designed with off-road traveling in mind and looks like a complete blast to drive. On the other hand, we have another vehicle that was designed with traveling off of the beaten path in mind as well. This one has more of a showroom twist to it, though. In that corner sits the Duramax powered Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, a completely stock truck that is tailored to the enthusiast who wants to get the tires a little muddy now and then.

The video below takes both of these trucks and puts them through a variety of different tests, attempting to see if advanced technology has what it takes to dethrone what the off-road community has found to be a successful style of setup. Each of these trucks has a list of pros and cons to it, so it really looks like the decision lies in the eye of the beholder. With this video, though, the evidence is really stacking up for both sides of the argument.