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Can Washing a Car in Coca-Cola Eat Up Rust?

With the Garage 54 YouTube channel, we have come to expect all sorts of off-the-wall experiments with automobiles that seem to keep getting better. Sometimes, they make for pure entertainment and other times, we even learn a couple of things that might be able to be applied to our own garages. If you do manage to pick something up, we would probably recommend using it at your own discretion. However, this time, the guys test out a theory that we have seen used before. The experiment doesn’t come without sacrifice, though, as they pretty much need to rust out the exterior of an entire car to do this experiment.

The rules are simple. On one side of the formula, you have yourself the rusted car and on the other side, a case of bottles of Coca-Cola. Now, traditionally, you might’ve seen that the acid contained in the Coke can be used to remove rust when you let parts soak overnight or perhaps longer. Videos from around the web have shown that Coke has just the right composition to eat up the rust without chewing through too much good metal when letting it sit for just the right amount of time. This time, though, the experiment has a little bit of a twist thrown into it.

By following along with the video below, viewers will be able to see what happens when a couple of bottles of Coke are dumped on the outside of the rusted out car. Will simply scrubbing at the rust with the Coca-Cola be enough to remove the rust entirely? The experiment isn’t allowing the car to sit overnight, which might help, but a quick bath in Coke may be an idea that has a little bit of merit so why not try it out?