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Car Blocked in Driveway by HOA, is this Legal?

Have you ever had the pleasure of living in a neighborhood where someone around you, like a neighbor, made living on a day-to-day basis difficult to deal with? Well, if you saw what this homeowner had to go through, it might just make your neighbors from hell look like saints.

When this homeowner allegedly skipped out on their HOA fees, the action taken by the homeowner’s association seemed to be a little bit aggressive and created quite the headache for these folks who were just trying to get along with their daily life.

Instead of solving things civilly, the HOA decided to block the owners both in and out of their house using construction blocks that wouldn’t allow them to navigate their vehicles in and out of their driveway – the ultimate pain in the rear end.

Check out the video below that shows off the damage done in the situation. Since then, all of the hassle has been worked out but these are some extreme steps that really seem to be the ultimate in juvenile antics!