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Car Guys Dream Pet! This Dog Loves To Watch Racing From The Best Seat In The House!

Sometimes you just need a reason to smile. Whether you’re having a crappy day, week, or month, just got some bad news, or whatever is going on in your life that’s got you all messed up, you need something to make you grin and get away from all of that for a moment.

We have that moment!

Aussie racing page Speedwaydownunder shared this video to their page and in just two short weeks, it’s been viewed over 1.3 million times. We don’t know too much as far as details such and where this track is located or who shot this video, but we do know it’s absolutely one of the coolest moments we’ve seen captured at a race track, especially among moments that aren’t actually about the racing.

While these awesome winged sprint cars haul ass around the track, the goodest boy on the property has made his way right up the wall to watch from quite literally the best spot in the venue. This tiny race fan wags his tail with excitement as the car roar by, showing his approval for the action on the track in the most adorable way possible.

We aren’t sure if he is a stray that’s taken a liking to the fast life or if he’s there with somebody in the stands watching and made his way down to the fence for a better look. Or perhaps he belongs to one of the teams that are competing and knows where to go to get the best view of his human in the racecar. Regardless, this is one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

Do any of you guys and gals out there in Speed Society nation take your pets with you to the races and other car events. While some do frown upon the practice, especially exposing their sensitive ears to loud cars, we see a great number of pets at the races and meets and always stop to give them head pats and belly rubs!


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