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Everyday Cargo Trailer Converted to a Badass Camper

While you can quite literally spend as much as you want on a high-end luxury RV or travel trailer, some folks out there are taking the less-is-more approach to overnighting.

One excellent example of a budget camper build is this cargo trailer conversion that features nearly every amenity you’ll find at home, thought some of them are much smaller in size. This cool tiny house on wheels features sleeping quarters, a small dining table, sink and counters, a mini-fridge, television and much more. It even has an outdoor shower for washing off the funk before you climb into the cozy quarters to rest up.

All of this fitted neatly in a relatively run-of-the-mill cargo trailer that you can pick up for next to nothing. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of dollars some spend to have slightly larger gold plated versions of the same amenities, and this thing looks like the bargain of a lifetime!