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Carnival Cruise Lines Responds to Cruise Ship Wreck That Injured 6

Two Luxury Cruise Ships Collide While Trying To Dock In Cozumel, Mexico Injuring 1 Person

Two cruise ships collided in Mexico this past week and the story went rather viral. For those who missed it, the video below shows the incident that had social media raging. Six were left minorly injured after the collision.

If there’s one thing that one wouldn’t expect on a cruise ship, it would be running into another cruise ship. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem as if the incident knocked too many plans off the rails. Carnival is now doing their diligence to collect as much information as possible and accommodate those affected.

Fox News reports that the cruise line would issue a letter of apology to guests. The accident was believed to have been by “spontaneous wind gusts and strong currents” while the “Carnival Glory” was maneuvering into a docking position.

Carnival has relayed that a formal investigation is underway to further dissect the incident. At the end of the day, having a definitive answer would be best to determine what’s necessary for moving forward. Following the incident, the ship was inspected and deemed safe to travel back to port.

The letter continued to tell guests that they would be extended a “US$100, per stateroom, onboard credit to your Sail & Sign account.”

When we saw where all of the cards fell, it appears as if the extent of the situation would be the 6 minor injuries and cancellation of plans to one of the ship’s premium restaurants where we believe the impact occurred. Those who had made plans to go to the restaurant were said to have been otherwise accommodated.

As for those who would consider not going on a cruise because of something like this, don’t fret. It does seem like an isolated incident. It wouldn’t appear as if there’s any need to worry about setting sail with Carnival or any of their competitors because of the incident.