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Carrying wind turbine blades to the mountaintop is very sketchy

What comes to jobs like constructing wind turbines at the top of a mountain, there isn’t always a clear sequence of events that need to happen in order to achieve success. Sometimes, decisions have to be made and creative solutions have to come to the forefront in order to make processes like these goes down smoothly.

This time, we ride along as this crew is tasked with the mission of getting the propeller blades for a wind turbine to the top of a mountain that isn’t too friendly to traffic, let alone gigantic trucks like these with supersized blades hanging off of the back. Needless to say, it’s time to get a little bit creative!

It’s a nail biter as these teams have to wiggle their way through tight roads and some sloppy conditions to find their way to the peak of the mountain to get these turbine blades safely to where they belong. With some precision and high-tech advanced machinery that swings the blades around, we have faith in them!

Check out the extremely detailed process down in the video below that takes you on this journey to the peak of the mountain with some very intense maneuvering involved. If you’re involved in something like this, it’s really something that can make you sweat!