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Model T Ford Starts after 60+ years of not running!

You’ll often her your dad or grandpa say “They just don’t build them like they used to” when speaking today automotive offerings, and to be honest, he’s probably right. This Ford Model T had been sitting for over six decades, yet it when it came time to fire it up, all it needed was a little finesse and some patience and the old inline powerplant rattled to life.

This car, which was built in 1921, had been dormant for much of its life when this group of enthusiasts decided to throw some fresh gasoline at it and see if it would crank. The man in the car had a small fuel tank in the cab with him that provided the gas, and once he put his foot under it to change the flow, the antique auto fired up and actually ran pretty smoothly to be almost 100 years old.

This is a testament to the way things used to be, when cars were manufactured with pride and focus on reliability instead of profit. There’s about a zero percent chance of any 2016 model vehicle still cranking in the year 2111!

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