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Construction Workers Catch Thief – Wait For It

As unfortunate as it might be, some folks see stealing as the best way to try and find their fortune. Their actions can leave the hard-working people who are out there busting their rear ends in a pretty bad situation as their are left to play with the cards that they’ve been dealt.

This time, however, when a couple of thieves rolled up on a construction site looking for some easy money, it just so turned out that the workers who caught them poking around weren’t about to just lay down and let these guys rip them off or get away!

As the security footage from house across the street shows, these guys were really willing to go to a pretty hefty extreme to make sure that the thieves didn’t get away after they tried to pocket someone else’s fruits of their labor. The result had our eyes glued to the screen!

You have absolutely got to check this video out as these workers go to the limit, even going so far as clinging on to the hood of the fleeing car to make sure that they can apprehend the criminals before it’s too late. If you watch the video all the way until the end, you’ll even see one of the workers holding on for dear life as this chase comes to a crashing end.