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Caught On Tape: County Sheriff Initiates Traffic Stop Over Allegedly False Accusations

In this day and age, everybody seems to question everything and there’s always videos to try and back up claims but it’s important to remember that there are always two sides to every story no matter what the video looks like. However, when you see a piece of evidence presented like this, it can really sway you in one direction or the other in terms of who you think is telling the truth. In this situation, we catch up with a series of events that really proves to be quite a head-scratcher in a moment that puts a woman in a traffic stop in hot water over a situation where she really doesn’t appear to have committed an infraction that the police officers is saying she committed.

When the traffic stop commences, it seems like a driver of this vehicle is rather confused as to why she got pulled over. With such confusion, she asked the officer about the reasoning for the stop as to which he responds that she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. After listening to the officer and hearing he would have to say, she responded that she was, in fact, wearing her seatbelt and the car is equipped with a camera that films both inside and outside to back up that claim just in case a situation like this might arise. From the video footage shown and another clip on this user’s channel, it does appear as if she was driving with her seatbelt equipped for at least several minutes before the stop.

I guess that, in the scheme of things, human error is very real and you never know when it’s going to happen. A case could be made that the officer just wanted to pull her over without very good reason but there’s also a case for the officer trying to pull her over, thinking that he saw something that he actually did not or maybe there’s some trickery happening here somewhere.

In any case, no matter who is in the wrong here, this just goes to show you that maybe having a video camera recording your actions within your vehicle could end up coming in handy and helping you out big time. In a case of he said, she said, more likely than not, the police officer would win, even though reality could be in your favor.