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Chevrolet Just Announced It’s Recalling The New 2020 C8 Corvette Over Safety Concerns

When building a car, there are a lot of things to consider. With the latest rendition of Corvette, this fact is amplified by the idea that it’s an entire overhaul of everything that Chevrolet knew about their flagship sports car.

With the move to a mid-engine platform, the whole entire vehicle would have to be built from the ground up.

With that, some might have had the expectations for early missteps. After all, engineering an entirely new configuration is something that could be expected to come along with some setbacks. However, for the most part, up until this point in time, the performance of the Corvette seems to be doing well.

On the other hand, though, General Motors is recalling the car due to a safety issue.

Apparently, if somebody manages to climb into the trunk of the car, there isn’t a reasonable way to make their way back out. Normally, cars will be equipped with a glow in the dark and easily accessible pull cord or push button to the person inside to pop the trunk.

Certain 2020 model year Corvettes fail to adhere to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 401. In other words, this trunk release isn’t always working.

GM tells us that model is designed to enter “sleep mode” 10 minutes after being turned off. From what Chevy has relayed, during this time, the trunk release might not function.

In order to right the issue, GM says that they’re going to update the software in the car’s Body Control Module (BCM). The fix will lower the voltage needed to wake the vehicle from its sleep mode and allow the trunk release button to function at all times.

The change shouldn’t be much inconvenience as GM says that it’ll be able to happen via wireless over-the-air technology so that drivers don’t have to bring their car into a dealership. For those who haven’t accepted the terms and conditions of the OTA update, they can schedule a time for a GM dealer to fix the issue in person.