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Chevrolet Suspension System in 1930’s Explained in Detail

Over the years, different aspects of a vehicle have been approved through the tweaking of the suspension whether we’re talking about ride quality, performance on the race track, or ability to get around different off-road obstacles without even going as far as breaking a sweat.

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Ever since the beginning of the automobile, people have been trying to figure out different ways to make the quality of their experience better through using some sort of suspension and while the suspensions of today most certainly differ on almost every level from those used in 1938, it’s still fun to do a little bit exploring in the past.

This time, we get a close look at an old-school Chevrolet suspension demonstration video that shows you how far the concepts involved really have come. While things that are standard in even the lowest dollar today were a complete and total luxury back then, it’s still neat to watch exactly where we’d be without innovation.

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Check out the video down below that will give you the rundown of this old-school technology. Sometimes, there’s nothing like taking a ride through the past just to get that feeling of how things might have been at the time which, in turn, might help to give you a more of an appreciation for where technology is at today.

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