Chevrolet Unveils The 2020 Silverado, And The Internet Is Torn

Today, I get to wear my “my opinion matters” hat and interject my own thoughts into ...

Today, I get to wear my “my opinion matters” hat and interject my own thoughts into an article. Of course, I hope you guys who take the time to read this drop your opinions in the comments, whether you agree or disagree, so we’ll have some idea of what the Speed Society nation thinks about Chevy’s new HD line of pickups.

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For me personally, this is a win. While the 1500 series Silverado is a great platform, it’s not exactly the go-to for a truck to put in work towing or hauling. That’s where the HD series comes into play, with a heavier-duty suspension and more powerful engine options. For the most part, the lighter duty and HD series trucks have looked at least similar, sharing most of their body panels except the grille and hood. All of that changes for the 2020 year model though, as the HD will share only the roof skin with its little brother.

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The styling for the latest Silverado was met with lukewarm response, and I can understand why. To me, it looks like the 1500 design team took their cues for the front end from a guy with his head out the window of a car at 80 MPH… everything just looks stretched horizontally to the point of ridiculousness.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The 2500 and 3500 HD team, alternatively, seems to have taken their cues from the big rig world, with a massive front grill bisected by a chrome bar, as per Silverado tradition. The vertically stacked headlights look like they were taken from Chevy’s own Top Kick line of trucks. From the side, you can see the squared-off wheel wells that give the truck a bolder side profile, as well as the massive ride height of the HD series.

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Everything about this truck just oozes power, and with an insane 910 ft/lbs of torque coming from the new V8 diesel powerplant, this thing will have no problem backing up its look with brute strength.

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