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Chevy 3500 VS Ford F-350! Best Tug Of War Of All Time?

As a resident of the great state of Alabama, I feel I’m fairly qualified to judge how good a tug of war is, and this one is quite a doozy! While everybody looks for trucks with huge tires and a massive lift to be the the tug of war badass, surprisingly, that isn’t always the case. As you will see in the video below, neither of these trucks are particularly jacked and they’re running reasonably sized tires, although one does have a couple of extra tires putting the horsepower to the ground.

What makes this such a great video is the back and forth, with both trucks seeming to have the advantage at different points. The red dually takes the early lead, but as soon as the grey Ford gets the turbo spooled up, it looks to have the advantage. However, the dually just seems to always have a little more in the tank, taking the lead in a decisive manner when it begins to swing the Ford around in circles at the end.

This ladies and gentlemen are what makes for a great tug of war. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of ego at play, just a couple of guys having a good time finding out who’s truck pulls better. You’ll also notice at the end, there’s no obnoxious dragging the loser around the parking lot. I know we have all seen the video I’m talking about, and that guy still needs to be taught a lesson in humility.

Any of you guys and gals out there think you can put on a better tug of war than this, I’m more than happy to watch what you get on camera. And don’t think tugs have to be limited to trucks either. We’ve seen cars dropping chains too and they actually make for a pretty good show too. Get those videos and post them up on our wall and if you put on a good enough show, we just might share your video with our fans too!