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Chevy Pickup Truck Gets Swallowed by Massive Sinkhole in Broad Daylight in SECONDS!

The expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” exists for reason. Sometimes, it might just not be your day as life will toss you a high-speed curveball that seems to sit with you and really makes things a little bit more difficult. However, there is a brighter tomorrow usually lurking over the horizon, however, in the moment, things could seem to be pretty ugly, especially if you get tied up in a situation like this man managed to. You really have to feel kind of bad for this guy because things started off kind of ugly and slowly creeped on to get worse with every second that passed.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that seems to actually be pretty common to some extent as many times, when crossing over a puddle, it seems to be that the bottom, or what you thought is the bottom isn’t exactly where the puddle ends in depth but instead, there can be something a lot deeper hiding out that you simply can’t see if it’s hidden by the water. In this situation, the driver of the Chevrolet pickup in question met just that fate as he attempted to cross what he probably thought to be a shallow puddle. Little did he know that it would actually end up being a sinkhole.

As it turned out, a water main break in Worcester, outside Boston, ended up getting so bad that it created a massive gaping hole and as this individual proceeded to try to take his truck through, he would find that out the hard way as the S10 would immediately be stopped in its tracks by the massive hole. As you watch, the cab becomes dislodged from the frame before the driver would somehow be able to make his way out of the truck and watch the ground basically swallow up the machine right front of his eyes. Luckily, it doesn’t look like any injury occurred as a result of the incident, however, that one still has got to hurt.