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Chevy Prerunner Launches into Orbit at the Donut Garage

Our brothers over at Hoonigan are keeping the awesomeness flowing, this time bringing us some off road Chevy action, thanks to Ryan Kibbe from Kibbetech and his badass Prerunner Silverado. The Prerunner has a ultra-cushy suspension setup designed from the get-go for offroading, and that just happens to make it perfect for hitting some ramps at the Hoonigan backyard donut factory.

Video credit – Hoonigan

Check out Ryan hitting the ramps and taking to the sky a couple of times before whipping up some fresh clouds. Pay close attention to this gnarly dismount from the back porch, where Kibbe cranks the turn a little short and hangs the front wheel off the ramp, but the truck takes it like a champ thanks to the beefy components used in the build. This build definitely stands out in a crowd of pretty cool builds we’ve seen recently that followed the off-road theme, thanks the the killer selection of components used to bring it to life.