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China’s Giant Glass Bridge Hit With Sledgehammer

One of the more popular attractions that you’ll find in some mountainous areas surround a bridge that suspends high over an intense drop. However, many times, this won’t just be any bridge, but it will be one made out of glass. As you can see all of the space that is between you and the solid ground below, it can be quite intimidating but when you take one look at China’s Giant Glass Bridge, you see that it’s probably a little bit safer than your mind would like to tell you. While you’re consciousness just wants to be afraid of the fall, your rational side of your brain tells you that it’s probably safe but exactly how safe is it?

In this one, we get to look at the bridge that’s made of three layers of thick and hearty glass along with glue in between each layer. Now, this isn’t glass as you know it because it’s incredibly hard to be able to get through this stuff and the way that it shatters creates a sort of net instead of a clean break as it acts more like safety glass than regular glass. When you combine that with the fact that it’s three thick layers put together, you can see exactly how strong it is especially in this demonstration that involves a sledgehammer.

The idea here is to have at one of these panels with the sledgehammer and try and get through to the other side. From what the man who is more familiar with the glass says to the individual with a sledgehammer, you have to be one of the strongest men in the world to be able to bust through something like this. After watching this demonstration, you get a peace of mind that the people who put these things together were a lot more cautious than it might seem for somebody who’s putting together a glass bridge in the first place.