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Chuck VS Megalodon With $50,000 On The Line!

When we’re talking no prep events with the big names in racing showing up, you can expect that there will be plenty of drama not only behind-the-scenes but also on the track as these guys are really the best in the business and are going to bring their A-game to the table, creating some matchups that you have absolutely got to see.

In addition, when all of this clashes with the idea that there’s money on the line, big money, things get turned up to another level entirely as you’ll really be on the edge of your seat, waiting to see exactly who’s going to come out on top and take on that massive purse that would be a nice payday for just about anybody. This time, it’s $50,000 to be more precise.

In this particular situation, we head straight to the finals of Outlaw Armageddon as Chuck Seitzinger heads to the line against Megalodon. With a purse that’s more than what many people make in a year, you can bet that this race is going to be something that both drivers are going to make sure to have their ducks in a line for. Just imagine having to go home and how long that drive is going to be if you knew that you were only one race away from winning 50 grand and instead are going home with absolutely nothing.

It all unfolds in the video below as you’ll be taken to the scene of the action thanks to the National No Prep Racing Association to see which one of these drivers is going to manage to pull one out of their hat here and overcome the other. With such intense competition, there’s absolutely no room for a mistake on either end as both drivers will have to be just about perfect in order to take a victory here, especially when you consider the extra intensity delivered by a no prep surface that guarantees that traction may be hard to come by.