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Can’t Brake in Time! TT Mustang Chutes Fail To Deploy

When you’re ripping down the track as fast as this twin turbo Ford Mustang is capable of, you might just need some assistance stopping through the use of a parachute.

Deploying the chute after a 4.2-second run at north of 185mph was the plan, but when the laundry didn’t drop, plans changed in a hurry.

In a split second, the Mustang driver, Doug Paddock, was forced to make a decision, so he hopped on the brakes and tried with all of his might to get away unscathed.

At the end of the dramatic incident, he didn’t get away completely, but it does look like only some minor damage to the car was sustained after all was said and done.

Check out the video below that will be sure to make you pucker up, if only just a bit. This had to be one wild ride from behind the wheel.


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