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Classic 1950s Volvo Meets 2JZ, Makes Epic Drift Monster

One of the aspects that we enjoy most about the automotive community is the variety of creativity. No matter what the platform, we have no idea what’s going on somebody’s head. There’s no telling how that will translate to the material world, either.

Sometimes, when these ideas come to life, it can be a bit overwhelming to see it all in progress. The execution of a build like this really has us sitting back and appreciating all of the efforts that went into bringing it to life.

Straight out of Norway, the creator, Stig Arne Solheim, started with a 1953 Volvo PV444. Now, when most people look a Volvo like this, we’re not sure that they would have a similar thought process. Most would look at it as just another classic car. Maybe they’d even see something that could become a show car.

We aren’t exactly sure how many people would take a look at a vehicle like this and think that they could make it into some sort of motorsports monster. However, Stig is a gearhead just like you and I. Therefore, It looks like the need for speed simply took over and this project tumbled out of control before he knew it.

Instead of anything conventional under the hood, the Volvo would be joined with a 2JZ. To make it all come together, we can’t help but admire all of the custom work that went into making it fit and work properly. As if all that wasn’t good enough, the Volvo had been highly modified to become a drifting machine. Basically, everything about this car falls into its own category of crazy. We mean that in the absolute best way possible because we’re loving every inch of this creation. The passion invested really shows.

The mind might take just a minute to wrap itself around what exactly is happening here. However, for those who are ready to go for a ride on the wild side, they can find that adventure in the video below. – My Passions