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Clay Millican NHRA Spring Nationals Recap Interview

When it comes to racing in an event like the NHRA Spring nationals, it might seem as if the racers do nothing but get themselves mentally prepared and go to battle with whoever is in the next lane. However, behind the scenes, it’s a lot more complicated than that with many different variables flying every which way.

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This time, we get an inside look at exactly what happens during the Spring Nationals weekend as Clay Millican gives us the recap that tells all about his camaraderie with other drivers in the pits, how he prepared himself for battle the race track, and everything down to a race that was separated by no more than a couple of inches at the finish line.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is that goes through the drivers’ heads during a weekend like this, this is your opportunity to get an inside look at exactly how they interact with each other and all of the other people who came out to see the Spring Nationals go live.


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