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Clayton County, GA Stacks Up Brand New Camaro as Sneaky Patrol Vehicle

When it comes the vehicles that the police choose to have as their cruisers, they really need something that offers the best of all kinds of metrics. Not only do they need a vehicle with plenty of space but they also need one that isn’t going to break down on them out there in the field. In addition, they also need something with a little bit of power, not so much as to get involved in some sort of hot pursuit but, when they’re on their way to an emergency, they need to have a little bit of get up and go so that they can make sure that they are able to safely proceed to the scene of the incident in a prompt manner.

This is normally why you will see bigger vehicles like the Ford Crown Victoria and Chevrolet Caprice commissioned as police vehicles, however, this time, in Clayton County, Georgia, we check out “The Sheriff Unit,” a new ride for a new year. It all takes place in the form of a Chevrolet Camaro that is fitted with so many lights that you won’t even know where look when you approach this thing. We were just imagining being in traffic and trying to get tangled up in a little bit of fun with this Camaro, when all of a sudden, you discover that it’s a police vehicle and your heart drops.

However, as we learn, it doesn’t appear as if this vehicle is going to see the line of duty. Instead, it’s something that’s designed to introduce the public to the police and break down the barriers in between them, allowing for conversation and more of a relationship so that people are able to familiarize themselves with law enforcement. Check out the video down below and be sure to tell us what you think of this new addition to the police fleet.