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Florida Man Goes Golfing in 1000cc Motorcycle Powered Golf Cart

For those who haven’t been following along closely with Cleetus McFarland and company, they might’ve missed an exciting toy added to the collection a couple of months back. This is a collection where we should probably be expecting the unexpected at this point. Every vehicle that finds its way to the group seems to be an oddball in its own right. This time, though, we check out something that might be the biggest oddball of the bunch.

The creation is none other than a golf cart. That’s right, this machine was formerly seen driving around on the golf course, carrying golfers to the right hole. Since then, let’s just say that it has undergone a little bit of modification. The cart has received a 1000 cc engine from a motorcycle.

Fitted with a set of drag slicks, the EZ-GO is powered by an engine from a Honda CBR1000rr. It has been seen doing everything from ripping wheelies to heading down the drag strip. This time, though, the machine is heading back to its roots. That’s right, Cleetus and the gang are going golfing. Let’s just say that this one is as crazy as you’d probably imagine it to be.

By following along below, we get to join in on a relaxing day with the motorcycle powered golf cart. As it turns out, this machine that’s rather loud and rowdy didn’t get them in as much trouble as we thought it would.

Honestly, we would venture to think that most golf courses probably would boot someone out at first glance of a contraption like this. However, the crew would make it all the way to the final hole before eventually being asked to leave.

At the end of the day, we would still call this a mission accomplished. How much better could a day of golfing possibly be? – Cleetus McFarland