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Coast Guard Intercepts Submarine in Cinematic Fashion

No matter how illegal something it is, when it comes to money, someone will figure out a way to get it done. Smuggling drugs is one part of a chain that destroys lives all over the world. However, with the help of a seemingly endless supply of capital, people are willing to facilitate.

This means that the smugglers get incredibly creative. It isn’t always just a lowly mule trying to drive over the border. Instead, there are lots of advanced pieces of machinery that get put in place in order to move the cargo to where it needs to be. Sometimes, maybe even something as grand of the submarine is put into play. After all, these guys look at every piece of machinery as an investment. For what the sub costs, they’ll probably make it back hundreds of times. It also adds a layer of protection to the shipping process.

Recently, the video was released that shows the US Coast Guard intercepting such a submarine. The vessel was believed to be filled with illegal drugs. We watch the operation as it happened on June 18 in international waters. It’s quite the situation to witness is the Coast Guard continues to approach the vessel and the guys are talking about the difficulty of getting aboard. Before we know it, one member of the Coast Guard is jumping from the boat to the submarine. That definitely takes a ton of confidence to pull off. The guy ends up looking like a downright superhero as he boards the suspects’ trafficking rig.

The video might be the most adrenaline-pumping part of a larger operation. All-in-all, the effort has spanned months and ABC 11, San Diego reports that the recovery is as follows:

“39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana from 14 different vessels. In total, the drugs were worth an estimated $569 million.”

In any situation, the video of the bust really looks like something straight out of an action movie. We’re sure that not all moments are this glorious but we have to say that we really appreciate all that these men and women are doing to keep our world a safer place.

Vice President to participate in $569 million cocaine offload

Today Vice President Mike Pence will welcome the crew of U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro back to the U.S. as they turn over 39,000 pounds of cocaine to federal agents. The narcotics were seized in 14 U.S. Coast Guard busts off Central and South America, including this harrowing interdiction of a self-propelled semi-submersible vessel carrying over 16,000 pounds of cocaine. We disrupt the cocaine profits drug cartels use to diversify and fund other illicit activities like trafficking opioids and methamphetamines, and we do it at sea where they are most vulnerable. Welcome home, Shipmates! Bravo Zulu to you and all the Coast Guard units involved. Semper Paratus! We will be livestreaming the Munro offload today on our page. Check back for time. Read more: http://bit.ly/2XFQG6q

Posted by U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday, July 11, 2019

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