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Concrete Pump Gets The Best Of This Guy, Massive Blowout Sent Flying!

When you’re on a job site of any sort, absolutely anything can happen at any time and sometimes, you can prepare yourself for bad things happen by taking on precautionary measures like wearing a hard hat but other times, there’s simply nothing you can do as a situation could blindside you and make sure that you’re in a world of hurt that you never saw coming. This time, we check out a situation that would most definitely be categorized with the latter as this guy was holding a pipe that was churning out concrete when all of a sudden everything went wrong and he would be in pretty bad shape!

Everything looks like it’s going as according to plan as the concrete keeps on flowing, falling right into the hole that it needs to be in as according to the job description. However, as we watch, the concrete flow is turned up and up before it becomes too much, exerting extreme pressure on this man as he flies backward and the hose goes flying along with him. That’s not something that he expected to happen when he started out on this job and afterward, as he lays there in a hole, you can tell that he’s in a world of pain that he would’ve probably wished to avoid if he could have saved himself.

Follow along and the situation below that takes you on the scene of this incident that almost will manage to make your back hurt in the process just by watching what this dude went through. This was certainly something that you’re never going want to get tied up in because when insane pressures like that get thrown in the mix, you really never know what’s going to happen. When things go flying, I wouldn’t want to be in that vicinity.

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