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Cocky Scooter Owner Challenges Dodge Hellcat and Mclaren 720s!

We talk about sleepers a lot because there’s nothing cooler than seeing a guy roll up to the line and be immediately discounted as an easy win by the guy in the other lane as well as the spectators, only to have him turn around and take a shocking win against the heavy favorite. It’s the ages-old underdog story that everybody loves to tell, but nobody likes to be on the receiving end of.

This could possibly be the most unexpected sleeper of all time, simply because of the absurdity of racing ANY car on a scooter, much less two pretty dang quick rides. However, that’s exactly what you’re about to see in this clip from TRC. Lining up with a Hellcat Charger and a McLaren 720S is… a dude on a scooter! Of course, if this was going to go the way we all would have expected, we wouldn’t even bother sharing the video, so you know there’s a reason you’re reading this.

First up for the scooter, the 707 HP blown HEMI-powered Hellcat Charger. While the Hellcats are notoriously traction averse, it seems implausible, if not borderline impossible that it won’t be able to take down the tiny little two stroke scooter. However, while the Charger is spinning, the scooter jumps out to a surprisingly big lead thanks to the modified powerplant just above the rear wheel. With only a couple hundred pounds to push as opposed to the 4,000+ for the Charger, the scooter is able to pull away and just hold on to take the win in the race to 60 MPH.

Up next, the 720S, a car with a little less power and a lot less weight than the Hellcat. However, once again the issue at hand is going to be traction, and we know the scooter doesn’t have an issue there. I’m not going to spoil the outcome though, you’ll have to hit the play button and see for yourself if the scooter can take the win against the supercar McLaren!