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When The Eagles Win The Super Bowl Everything is Legal… Cops Film Car Doing a Burnout!

As you have probably seen at some point over the past week or so, the Philadelphia Eagles have found a way to call themselves Super Bowl champs. After a stretch that lasted nearly 60 years, the city of Philadelphia, which is commonly regarded as a football city, when it comes to sports, could hardly contain themselves and their love for the birds. As you can imagine for these fans two had been stowing away this need to celebrate for that long, when it finally did happen, the people of the city really let loose, showing their pride in their Philadelphia Eagles as things got a little bit intense.

Now, with a situation like this, as police officers, you have to realize that the celebration is going to take to the streets and it’s going to maybe get a little bit rowdy. With all that’s going on, they can’t really tie themselves up and every last tiny incident that’s going down so they probably have to shift their attention to the bigger incidents where peoples’ property is getting damaged or someone is in risk of being injured. Therefore, with people doing things like burnouts, we love to see that the police took a moment to look the other way. I think that half of it was because the “offense” wasn’t hurting anybody and the other half was because even the police officers were as excited as the citizens of Philadelphia about their team finally taking home the Lombardi trophy, you have to remember that it’s their city, too!!

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see a steller burnout as posted by Eric Russell and the video also captures the moment as the police pulled out their phones and couldn’t help but do a little bit of filming themselves. You have to love to see a moment like this where everybody is on the same page and can do a little bit of celebrating together. Well, we have to say almost everybody, because there were certainly some arrests made for those oddballs who decided to get out of line and start to break things and do other things like, well, you’ve seen the headlines.