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Combining Go Karts and Paintball Looks Like the Ultimate Good Time

The crew over at Dude Perfect has been known for planning and executing some pretty wild stunts over the years. What started out as trick shots have really developed into a bunch of adventure-driven explorations that we never know where they’re going to end. It’s pretty crazy to watch some of the ideas that the crew has come up with over the years as they always push the limits on fun having and wonder.

This time, Dude Perfect is diving into the world of things with wheels. When the crew got their hands on a couple of go-karts, they decided that a good way to throw a twist into the sport of racing would be to involve another sport. Therefore, paintball is the plot twist thrown in the recipe that had these real-life go-karts acting a little bit more like a Mario Kart video game than anything.

The concept is simple. Each kart has balloons taped to it. Every driver is equipped with their very own paintball gun and he who can keep his balloons the longest wins. Once all of your balloons pop, that’s it! You’re eliminated from the round of competition.

This event is tied into several others that combine a couple of sports together to create something entirely new. Some of these look like an absolute blast but are just begging for some broken bones!

By following along with the video below, we get a front-row seat to see these shenanigans unfold. In addition to paintball go-karting, we also get to watch football combined with basketball along with a hybrid that mixes UFC and golf. Who would’ve thought that this kind of competition would ever have been possible?

These competitions have a way of allowing us in the want to compete for ourselves.