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Completely Restoring a 17 Liter Caterpillar Diesel Engine From Start to Finish

Sometimes, getting the job done means using a little bit of muscle. In terms of engines, the diesel engine is where someone is going to look when they’re searching for torque. Some of these monsters are on a level that many could find difficult to fathom. Not only do some of them create big power. Some are also massive in size as well.

With commercial diesel power plants, we find displacement figures that many probably didn’t even know existed. This time, we check out a Caterpillar diesel engine that packs a mind-blowing 17 liters of displacement. To say this thing is monstrous would be a little bit of an understatement. Throw in a turbo and things really start to get fun.

Gigantic or not, this beast seems to be in need of a little bit of TLC. It appears to have seen better days but luckily for this engine, it’s going to be getting that much-needed love. In this one, we get the watch as the 800 hp 17L monster is stripped down and everything starts over again. As we follow, we watch from start to finish as the big boy gets brought back to life. In the complete rebuild, we get to see the engine restored mechanically. However, perhaps the more satisfying part is watching it come back to life aesthetically.

Instead of just making the inner workings of this engine come together, we watch as it becomes quite the looker as well. There’s just something about these restorations that really scratches an itch. By following along with the video below, we get to spectate every step of the process as it all comes back to life. Just feasting our eyes on this monster of a machine really is a lot to absorb. The finished product is nothing short of perfection.