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Contestants From “Pimp My Ride” Tell us Just How Fake the Show Really Was

Reality can be a little bit mundane, sometimes. So, how does reality television end up being so interesting? Sometimes, it might be because the subjects have something interesting going on in their lives. Some would argue that some reality shows had found the formula to keep viewers’ attention. Many times, though, they’re interesting because a script is thrown in the equation. Even if these shows aren’t completely scripted, producers sometimes like to give out what we’ll just call “advice.”

When it comes to the mid-2000s, a fan favorite in the realty sector was Pimp My Ride. From 2004-2010, the show dominated the airwaves, bringing in lots of viewers for MTV. When the finished product hit the air, fans would watch as an unsuspecting kid had their car tricked out. It appeared as if MTV was taking junkers and handing over show cars. While they were incredibly gaudy, even by the standards of the time, the machines were worlds ahead of where they began… or were they?

We’ve all heard that these cars weren’t mechanically saved. Many contestants have cited the fact that the machines didn’t return in any better condition mechanically. That’s just the beginning of the wild ride, though. As it turns out, according to many of the contestants, the show had heavy influence from producers and some things were faked entirely to make them more entertaining. Back then, it would’ve been harder to make this information know without the help of social media, though.

Some of the stories were downright bad. On one hand, we hear of contestants having to rent cars as the timeline was way longer than they would admit on air. On the other, we hear of auditions being incredibly exaggerated. The general consensus seems to be that the audition tapes were staged. This included making contestants’ rides and living situations look way worse than reality. At times, this even meant renting a home.

Many who were seen on air have been quoted saying that the show was a positive experience, overall, for them. However, when we hear about the Pimp My Ride crew going so far as removing parts from the car after filming, it gives rise to just a couple of questions.