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Cool cop interrupts wheelie session

When it comes to the law, police officers have a rather complicated job. Not only do they need to respond to calls when the public has an issue but when they get to the scene, they need to use their best judgment to decide what the next step in the action is.

This time, when an officer rolled up on a dirtbike rider practicing his wheelies in an industrial park, the confrontation went by rather smoothly. Instead of sprinting away or giving some sort of uncalled for attitude, the rider complied with the police officer and it made things go oh so easy.

After making sure that the rider was being safe, the officer let him go about his day. I’m sure that if the wrong cop pulled up on the scene, this issue could have been escalated and the officer could have found something to write out a ticket for.

Check out the video below that shows the interaction going just as every police and civilian interaction should. Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think about this scenario!

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