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Cool Visual – 10,000rpm With a Denso Iridium Spark Plug

When it comes to your engine’s operation, there are many processes going on inside that all need to come together in just the right way so that the engine creates power. One of these many processes are the spark plugs firing at exactly the right time to create combustion.

While we can’t see them most of the time, this time, we check out what a firing spark plug looks like every 1,000 RPM all the way up until it’s firing at 10,000 RPM, really spitting out that spark in a quick and organized fashion for the ultimate combination for combustion. It might seem like such a small part, but without these plugs operating in just the right way, the whole thing will fall apart!

Check out the video below that shows us, up close, what a spark plug might look like while it’s under your hood. Was this how you expected the process to look like when the spark plugs under your hood were firing away to create power and push your car forward!