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Cop Slides Straight In To A Massive Pileup, Adds To The Confusion.

Cop Slides Straight In To A Massive Pileup, Adds To The Confusion.

When comes to winter weather conditions, they certainly don’t discriminate. Just because somebody is out there helping with public welfare doesn’t mean that they’re going to be exempt from a snowstorm. Every year, snowstorms claim thousands of vehicles. This can come in different ways. It might be sliding into a ditch and having to be pulled out. Perhaps, the trouble is getting into some sort of accident with another motorist. In this situation, it appears as if the road conditions were bad enough to catch a variety of motorists in a bad spot.

The group of vehicles moving down this roadway in this area would eventually discover that any speed at all was too fast for conditions. Based on the massive amount of motorists involved, we would venture to say that that probably wasn’t too much that they could do to avoid the situation. As such, car after car would attempt to stop and be denied. This would include one state trooper who failed to stop and the entire thing was captured by a bystander. There wasn’t much that anyone could do but stand by and watch things escalate.

Unfortunately, the trooper was not able to regain control of the squad car as it slid into the massive pile. This certainly was a day that provided more than a headache that these motorists were ready to deal with. This just goes to show why we should all take certain precautions to be ready to be stranded in these sorts of conditions. Sure, the odds that something like this will happen to us is probably pretty rare. However, if it does, it better safe than sorry. It looks like these motorists were fortunate that it all happened at a low speed and in a populated area. On a highway in the middle of nowhere, things could’ve gotten much worse.