“Cop vs Ricer” Prank Backfires As Actor Threatens Citations For Modifications

As car enthusiasts, we all love to modify our cars just a little bit if not a lot. ...

As car enthusiasts, we all love to modify our cars just a little bit if not a lot. However, while we might enjoy these modifications and think that they’re harmless, a lot of the time, such modifications aren’t exactly completely legal to be used on the street. Sure, in the vast majority of situations, depending on where you live, you might be left alone and not really bothered for modifying your car but in most jurisdictions, if the police wanted to give you a hard time about the way that your car was modified, chances are, if they really picked it apart, they could throw the book at you if they wanted to.

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This time, we get the opportunity to check out a situation that ends up taking full advantage of this plight faced by car lovers, in prank format. I guess that it turns out that one of the more popular YouTubers by the name of Joey Salads maybe had a buddy of a buddy who has a car who is modified to the moon. As many of these modifications probably aren’t exactly legal for street use, Joey took it upon himself to play dress up, taking on the role of a “police officer,” something that we wouldn’t recommend anybody to try out as it’s pretty illegal, but in any case, he would approach the car in question and begin to tell the owner how he’s going to be dealing with these mods.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to get the full scope of what’s something like this entails and how this car owner would react to the police presence along with how this faux officer was telling him that he was going to throw the entire book at him. Let’s just say that the car owner wasn’t exactly too happy to hear about all of the repercussions! Regardless of if this prank is legit or not, I think that most of us have felt this way at one point or another about our modified machines.

Cop vs Ricer

This Joey Salads guy is FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!One of his best ones so far. Im dying laughing…

Posted by 500Plus HP For Sale on Saturday, February 10, 2018

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