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Cops Let You Get Away With Anything if You Drive One of These!

vinWIKI is quite possibly the best source on the internet for car guys telling car stories. These guys have been on some adventures and they do a great job of retelling their tales for the camera. Some of the stories are funny, some poignant, and some serious, but they’re all really good. Chris DiGanci owns a hearse and that should tell you all you need to know about Chris. He’s obviously the type of guy who’d drive a hearse for fun, and those are the kind of guys who also have the best stories to share.

Chris has had his 1972 Cadillac hearse for quite some time now, which means he’s had years to experience some awesome situations, a couple of which involve the cops and how differently they approach a man driving a dead body transporter. After telling how he came to acquire the car and what he did to it during the first round of modifications, Chris tells about the trip to a hearse show – yes I was just as surprised as you are to find out that’s a “thing” – where he and a couple of buddies passed a cop doing 115 MPH in Virginia, a state that’s notoriously hard on traffic violators. Instead of panicking, one of the guys just hit the spinning beacon light on top of his hearse, prompting nothing but a wave from the officer as they hauled ass by him.

Not all cops are so understanding, though, as Chris points out in his second anecdote. He was having a little trouble keeping the car running smoothly, requiring him to have to give it gas while at a stop or in slow moving traffic to keep it from stalling. Apparently the officer behind him saw this as an attempt to drag race and pulled him over, despite the fact that was literally going one mile an hour.

There’s another story, certainly the best of the three, but you’ll have to hit the play button and listen to it yourself! Trust me, it’s worth the few minutes it’ll take to listen!