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Cops Mistake Lamborghini Steering Wheel For a Cell Phone, Says Driver

In the role of a police officer, we would think that there is a lot going on. Not only do they have to worry about their personal safety in a multitude of situations, but these situations are constantly evolving. With how fast technology is coming along these days, it seems like the laws are constantly developing as well. This could alter everything from driving a vehicle to walking down the street. It’s certainly an area that’s going to take a little bit of practice to get used to. Because of the ever-evolving nature of the beast, it’s going to be difficult to get it right all the time.

This time, we catch up with the YouTuber who goes by the name of Stig’s Persian Cousin. In this video, he ends up getting himself in quite the predicament. From his point of view, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. The fact that he was driving a screaming Lamborghini drew more attention to him for the potential to get pulled over. Presumably, because of that attention, the police were probably keeping an eye out for what this driver was doing. It’s almost human nature to look in the direction of the screaming car. After, it seems as if they got just a little bit confused as to what was going on behind the wheel.

As a Lamborghini racing interior like this one looks almost nothing like your average car, police might’ve been thrown off a bit. In fact, it seems as if they somehow managed to mistake the upgraded steering wheel for a cell phone. Obviously, being on the phone while driving would be pretty illegal. However, holding your steering wheel while driving most certainly isn’t something that’s illegal. It looks like a case of “he said, she said” but we have to admit that we got a little bit of a chuckle out of this misunderstanding.