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Corvette C6 Z06 Does a 200MPH Fly By on the Autobahn

With roads like the Autobahn that promise sections with no speed limit, the thoughts of any car guy go immediately to heaven at the prospect of being able to take your car out there and lay into the throttle freely without even the slightest chance of getting yourself in trouble.

In this little demonstration, we check out a group of friends that headed out to the road that dreams are made of to check out a buddy in a Chevrolet Corvette that is going wide open throttle and even though we only see it for a moment, that moment really is pure bliss.

While traveling at right around 100 mph, the driver of the camera car pulled out his device to record his buddy doing a flyby at what he said to be 200 mph. He claims that even though he knew it was coming, the event still managed to scare him! When we do see the Corvette go flying by, it almost makes the car that the footage was shot out of look like it is standing still.

Check out the incredible flyby down in the video below as this Corvette goes warp speed and blasts to the moon! Who else wishes they could head out to this highway and throttle down on their car?