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Corvette Experts Reveal New E-Ray Quarter Mile Time, Break Down Car in Detail

Those who have had their ear to the ground around the Corvette water cooler have heard the whispers forever. The idea of electric power being added to the Corvette architecture has been rumored for quite some time.

This week, push finally came to shove and the covers would be pulled from the upcoming Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray. The machine will still boast a thundering 6.2 L V8 but will also accommodate its driver with the help of hybrid technology featuring electric motors that will power the front wheels, giving this machine all-wheel drive capability for the first time in Corvette history.

Not only have engineers promised a 2.5-seconds 0 to 60 time alongside a 10.5-second quarter mile time. They also promised that this will be the first Corvette that is practical to drive in just about any weather condition that one could imagine thanks to this new all-wheel drive tech that provides four-season practicality. As Corvette owners will tell you, driving any prior generation ‘Vette in the snow is taking your life in your hands. This time, though, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This time, some of the Corvette experts take us through all of the features that make this car “one like none,” as the marketing team likes to call it.

Below, we dive into all of the details that enthusiasts are going to want to sink their teeth into as we learn about everything from a broad vision of what the car is all about and how it was dreamt up to some of the specific features that truly make the release one of a kind and definitely have some of us salivating over the opportunity to see one of these things in action when it finally does hit the streets later this year.

Start counting down because we’re about to see a Corvette like never before!